"Nerding Out"

"Nerding out" with Graphs at CEC 2018

We kicked off CEC 2018 in an awesome way Wednesday afternoon as we spent an hour with over 100 teachers, administrators, and faculty members. We shared strategies for teaching math problem solving to students with autism and intellectual disability in our presentation "What's the problem? Math problem solving for students with extensive support needs". The energy and engagement in the room was exciting, and it was definitely validating for me, Sarah, and Bonnie to be with other professionals who want to improve mathematics instruction for “our kids”.

Of course, we spent some time “nerding out” with graphs as Bonnie and I emphasized how crucial discrimination training is! While it is something that has become very apparent to me over the past few years as I have worked with students and teachers, the beauty of single-case research is that with the right design, I can empirically show the importance of discrimination training – and replicate the need for it over and over!

After the presentation we had several teachers come talk to us about our studies and Math Skills Builder. Their stories confirmed my own experiences (and results of a recent survey I conducted) – that teachers do not have adequate training or resources for teaching math to this population.

The good news is that the GCA Lab has motivated and talented members that are working hard to change that! To see the handouts from our presentation, head over to our conference presentations page!