Intervention Decision Making Flow Chart

The members of the General Curriculum Access Lab have been working hard to apply what they learn thorough research to teaching practice. Dr. Sarah Cox and Dr. Jenny Root developed a beneficial tool that can be used by practitioners to make instructional decisions. Using knowledge gained from a series of single case research studies, they translated the findings into this Intervention Decision Making Flow Chart. The flowchart clearly shows the iterative process of selecting an instructional strategy that is matched to the learner, assessing the learners progress and then providing next steps or adaptions based on the learner’s needs. The Intervention Decision Making Flow Chart is beneficial for teaching academic, behavioral and social learning goals and can be used by practitioners who teach students with many different learning profiles. This is a great example of how researchers can support teachers and students. This flowchart is an example of how to narrow the gap that exists between what researchers know and what practitioners do - This is moving research into practice!